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[10 Dec 2009|02:12am]
Can someone please tell me what the fuck I should be doing with my life?
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[12 Oct 2009|10:37am]
Why do people feel like they have to sit rightfrigginnext to me in the library at UCF and have loud obnoxious conversations about devastatingly insipid topics? Why don't they care that I'm trying to do my homework? Why don't they care that we're in a library for pete's sake?! WHY DO THEY CHEW THEIR GUM SO LOUDLY?
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Writer's Block: Deaf Awareness [21 Sep 2008|04:50am]
In conjunction with Deaf Awareness Month, discuss some famous deaf people who have helped to make history. If you're hearing impaired yourself, give us a sense of what your experience is like, so we can better appreciate it.
better appreciation it? nice job, lj.
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[05 Mar 2008|08:40pm]
numerous pictures of my dress because a) it arrived today and b) I am obsessed with the idea of prom.

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[13 Jun 2007|11:28am]

comment to be added :]
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